Hear what past team members had to say...

 Great and meaningful trip.  The construction activities accomplished so much, particularly the total revision of a 1 bedroom shack that was remade into several rooms with tile floor replacing the dirt floor. Most significant was observing the orphans as they conducted their lives with significant smiles on their faces.  Life was good and special for them, all as a result of the life style environment provided by the Orphanage.
~ Jay Holmes

 Our trip to Casa  Bernabé was life changing.  Our family gained such a different perspective on life. We will have memories that will never leave us.  We are so grateful to Casa Bernabé for opening our hearts and minds to such special place.  We can't wait to go back!!!!! 

~ Christina Wills

Casa Bernabé is a unique place! The children who are welcomed in this home have their lives changed by the love of God and the people present there. It so happened that our family went there to serve, and came back with our hearts filled with love and a life time of lessons.

~ Paula Tortolo

There is so much need in Guatemala that it can feel hopeless.  My visit to Casa Bernabé though showed me the power of faith and community and its impact on healing and changing lives.  I’ve volunteered at other orphanages in Latin America so felt that I had seen it all but after my week at Casa Bernabé I returned with a sense of optimism for even the toughest situations.  It is a place that stays in your hear long after leaving!
~ Pam Fochtman

The volunteer week in Guatemala was a meaningful experience. It was inspiring to see how loving and compassionate the house parents are with their adopted kids. The orphanage is very well run and it was a honor to be able to lend a helping hand. 
Having been on many other volunteer trips, I was impressed with how much we accomplished in one week. Christina’s leadership style is very inclusive and I love her sense of humor. I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone. 
~ Patty Davidson

Having the opportunity to work closely with the children of Casa Bernabé was an experience we’ll never forget.  After a short 24-hours at the orphanage and meeting the children, it was clear that our perspectives would be forever changed.  We’ve all seen poverty when traveling, but there’s a big difference between seeing it from a car window and helping those who have been impacted by it first-hand. 

~ Karen & Melissa Fish

The experience was life altering. I felt as if our services and presence were impactful for the children and the orphanage as a whole. The trip gave back to me in character and spiritual development. My life has shifted in a positive way to live more like Jesus and be a better Christian in all ways. Love!

~ Claude Kershner IV 

 We have been on this trip with a Christina twice....and both visits were life-changing. Christina created a safe, educational and most importantly-joyful experience at Casa Bernabé .

~ Laurie Stein