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The volunteers and donors of our ORC community, under the umbrella of the ORC Chapel (which includes our Catholic, Episcopal, Jewish, and Protestant congregations)  are partnering with the folks at Casa Bernabé Orphanage to fulfill their mission of caring for the lost (but not forgotten) children of Guatemala.

An ORC adoption story

 Our own Christina Watson adopted 2 children from Guatemala. ​While her ​second child‘s adoption was stuck in the process for 5 years, Mariela lived at Casa Bernabé  and  Christina forged a friendship with this helping mission and the children still there.

 It is with gratitude and a desire to be the Hands and Feet of God in action, that Christina leads groups from ORC to ​Casa Bernabé.  (Mariela and her older brother, Jake, attend the Academy at Ocean Reef now.)  

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 Have you ever wanted to go on a mission trip? We have one scheduled for families June 16 - 23, 2018 and one for ​adults from October 8-13, 2018.  Casa  Bernabé is located 45 minutes outside of Guatemala City.  We are picked up at the airport by bus and delivered to the 13-acre walled-in campus they call home.  We leave the campus only once for a trip to Antigua, a busy tourist spot.  We will NOT be trolling around dangerous parts of Guatemala, and nobody will be out alone on our trip. The cost to go is the plane ticket (+/- $450 from MIA) plus $

​250 per week room and board - accommodations on the grounds - (think summer camp, bunk beds - we do have hot water in the showers though!) 


January 2018 Mission trip to Casa Bernabe

 Check out our recent ORC Volunteer Trip  to Casa Bernabe Orphanage ! 

Casa Bernabe 2017!

Casa Bernabe 2016!

 Our visit to Casa Bernabe in Guatemala October  2016

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