Where is Casa Bernabé?

The orphanage is a 45-minute bus ride from the airport, on the outskirts of Guatemala City.  Casa Bernabe sits on 13 acre walled-in campus which includes 9 houses, a main building and a small school (K-8).

Where do we sleep and eat?

The missionary dorms are situated in the main building (with the administrative offices, the dining room and kitchen).  We sleep on bunk beds, share the bathrooms and eat 3 meals a day in the dining room.

What kind of food will be prepared for us?

The regular Guatemalan cuisine includes rice, beans, tortillas, fruit and occasionally some meat. Cereal, coffee and milk are always available.  The meals are freshly prepared by lovely women who work in the kitchen.  Some Americans choose to bring their own food supplements (protein bars, etc).

Is the trip safe?

Guatemala is a relatively safe country.  They are working hard to become like the US, but it has been a slow, rocky growth for them.  Casa Bernabé is located 45 minutes outside the capital of Guatemala City in a rather up-scale suburb. The mission team is picked up at the airport by bus and delivered to the 13-acre walled-in campus that they call home.  We will NOT be trolling around dangerous parts of Guatemala, and nobody will be out alone on our trip.

Will I be able to use my device network?

Prepare for a lack of communication/entertainment. There is wifi available, but it is not always reliable. Exceptions will obviously be made for emergency situations. They ask that we do not use video apps (Skype, FaceTime, etc.) that consume bandwidth and prevent others from basic communication.​

What do you suggest I bring?

Bring layered clothing.  It is generally warm in the day and cold at night.  

Bring insect repellent, hand sanitizer, rain gear. Bring foods you like to eat, in case you don't like a meal served.

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